Crypto Maker Series: 9 Free Tournaments To Give Latin American Players a Chance to Learn About Crypto

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The Future of Gaming and Cryptos Are Coming to Latin America Introducing the next nine tournaments in three popular titles in Latin America. Interested parties are invited to sign up now and get free tickets to watch live events and learn how cryptocurrency works!

A series of nine tournaments combining esports and cryptocurrencies for Latin America was created by MakerDAO and Community Gaming

The Crypto Maker Series is a series of tournaments organized by MakerDAO and Community Gaming to drive the use of DAI through esports. The series features 9 tournaments in 3 popular titles in Latin America.

Nine flash events for CS:GO, Free Fire, and Dota2 will take place in the fourth quarter of 2021 as part of the Crypto Maker Series, a collaboration between Community Gaming and MakerDAO, architect of the DAI stablecoin. Community Gaming’s Series is one of a number of tournaments aimed at educating and strengthening the relationship between the esports and blockchain industries.

With blockchain technology growing in Latin America, this series aims to enhance esports events powered by web3 in the region.

Preparing Latin Americans For the Era Of Digital Competition

Bryan Mier, Community Gaming’s Regional Manager and Business Development for Latin America, commented that the increasing popularity of crypto is a strong indicator of its acceptance. In his words, “educating and exposing Latin American talent to these trends prepares them for this new era of digital competition.”

By spearheading this initiative, both partners hope to inform the region’s gamers about the use cases and versatility of cryptocurrencies, using DAI as the center of their operation.

The large number of virtual wallets and networks that support DAI make it a good way to get started in the blockchain ecosystem, allowing not only the exchange of local currencies for DAI but also avoiding the volatility associated with many other cryptocurrencies.

Stablecoins are decentralized, collateral-backed, unbiased cryptocurrencies anchored to the US dollar that are stored in cryptocurrency wallets or other platforms. In contrast to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum that are determined by the market’s supply and demand; DAI maintains its value through the overcollateralization of crypto assets, mainly ETH, which keeps it linked to the value of USD; this ensures that there is always a larger pool of cryptocurrency assets backing its value in the market.

Luis Lozada, MakerDAO Business Developer in Latin America, points out that in the digital era we need a means of connection that allows people to connect more no matter where they are.  “DAI enables such exchanges, salary payments or in our case video game tournament prizes, and it provides a (degree of) freedom to the financial world that didn’t previously exist.”

Crypto Maker Series will also promote the “play-to-earn” philosophy among the blockchain gaming community, a fundamental pillar and current trend. Also included in the Crypto Maker Series is the promotion of the “play-to-earn” philosophy, a fundamental element within the blockchain gaming community.

Participants from the Southern Region of Latin America are invited to participate in the Series in November and December 2021. The series will introduce various communities in Latin America to cryptocurrencies through the variety of esports it offers. Community Gaming Latin America will broadcast all tournaments on its official channels, which are free to enter.

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