About Us

We saw problems in the cryptocurrency industry: people don’t have enough information to make smart decisions due to

-lack of transparency in the cryptocurrency market

-difficulty in understanding how to use cryptocurrencies

-difficulty in understanding how to create value with cryptocurrencies

-difficulty in attracting new users to the market because it’s so confusing and intimidating.

They don’t know where to go to get accurate, reliable information about coins and tokens—and they don’t know how to tell if a coin is worth investing in. That’s why we created BitExplosion —to help people understand how to use cryptocurrencies, create value with them, and make the most of their investment.

Along the way, we’ve had some wins. We started out with nothing but an idea, and now we have a thriving community of crypto enthusiasts who rely on us for their daily dose of news and analysis. 

Our mission is to provide a platform for people who are passionate about cryptocurrency to share their knowledge and educate others about the value of decentralized currencies.

We believe in the power of open information—it’s what makes our platform so unique. We know that when more people understand what cryptocurrencies are, how they work, and how they can be used to improve people’s lives, they’ll be able to make better decisions about their finances and investments.

We want to keep building that community by providing them with the best possible info so they can make smart choices about what coins they invest in.

We know that not all cryptocurrencies are created equal, so we’ve created an easy way for you to find out which coins are worth your time, effort, and money.

If you’d like to reach out directly, please email us at team@bitexplosion.io