Buy FACE META Coin On Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Scam | Facebook’s Crypto Metaverse Rug Pull 2022?

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Is FACEMETA Token the Fake Facebook Metaverse Token a Scam

Facebook’s entry into the metaverse market is the talk of the town and FACEMETA tokens are among the top performers in the market. 

Tokens named after Facebook’s entry into the metaverse market are among the top performers in the market. Don’t be left out of this rally! Crypto enthusiasts are racing to get their hands on Facemeta tokens, which are up by over 50% this week.

In a bid to enter the metaverse space, Facebook rebranded to Meta a few weeks ago. However, some developers have taken advantage of the development by promoting their tokens.

They are just using the Facebook brand without permission to make a quick buck, with a poor sounding game which is mainly about incentivizing more people into the coin, but not offering any real value.

FACEMETA Token Is On The Rise

Recently, the cryptocurrency market has underperformed. A few coins, however, have performed well. For example, FACEMETA, the native token of the Facebook Metaverse project, has soared by more than 50% during the past 24 hours.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) concept Facebook Metaverse leveraged Facebook’s recent entry into the metaverse space to attract investors. It is basically a way to play and win tasks using Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Developers claim investors who own a certain amount of FACEMETA tokens can participate in the game. The developers noted that in-game elements will increase time spent playing the game and include extra missions.

The Facebook Metaverse project differs from the giant social media platform Meta. Nevertheless, the project has been using Meta’s popularity to attract attention to itself.

FACEMETA: A Cryptocurrency You Have To Watch In 2022

Over the past 24 hours, the FACEMETA token has been one of the top-performing tokens on the market. The coin traded at an all-time high of $0.00000001337. Although Bitcoin is still below $50k, the rally came despite the broader cryptocurrency underperformance.

As of press time, FACEMETA is trading at $0.00000000785 after cooling down over the past few hours. Speculators might have been behind the rally, rather than serious investors.

There is no clear indication of how the project will in the future, and some investors could have sold the project, resulting in the huge price drop in the past few hours. FACEMETA could, however, experience further losses as long as the bears remain in control.

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