Bitcoin Millionaire: How To Become A Crypto Millionaire In Less Than 2 Years

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You can be an overnight millionaire too. Imagine discovering a forgotten wallet from 9 years ago with 127 bitcoins in it. That’s the story of one Reddit user who just pocketed $4.2 million! Bitcoin is still in its infancy and there are plenty of opportunities for newcomers to get their share of the pie.

A Bitcoiner Finds 127 BTC in an Old Wallet He’s Forgotten About Since 2012 & Pockets $4.2 Million

By selling his bitcoins, a Reddit user makes $4.2 million after recovering the keys to a 9-year-old Bitcoin wallet containing 127 BTC.

An individual who goes by the name of BitcoinHolderThankU (BHTU) posted a particularly uplifting story on Reddit. The lucky bitcoiner became a multimillionaire overnight after discovering 127 bitcoins (BTC) in a forgotten wallet since 2011 or 2012.

How One Redditor Got SO LUCKY and Made $4.2Million Dollars With Just 127 Bitcoins

According to his testimony, he had obtained these 127 BTC through a faucet, an application that gives cryptocurrency to users that complete surveys, watch videos, and perform various Internet tasks.

As a fan of Dark Orbit online video game, BHTU planned to exchange the BTC for Uridium, the game’s currency. Fortunately, he never used his BTC for this purpose, and he gave up without a single memory of it.

The early bitcoin spent a week on vacation with his grandfather a few weeks ago:

“I played Dark Orbit mostly at my grandpa’s house, and I was there for about a week during the holidays. While I was there, I came across his old Dell computer that I was playing the game on, and found a .txt folder called “Keys”, ” he said.

What surprise he experienced when he opened this file, which contained the keys to a Bitcoin wallet created at a time when BTC was worth a few dollars. After recovering his bitcoins, the owner scrambled to sell them quickly and inexpensively.

While Bitcoin’s price hovered around $34,000, he immediately sold his newly found 127 bitcoins on an over-the-counter (OTC) platform for $4.24 million.

The Man Who Made Millions Selling His Bitcoins & His Future Plans

BHTU plans to invest the new funds in a less volatile investment channel than Bitcoin. Almost all of his money will be invested in the S&P 500, a stock market index of the 500 largest publicly traded U.S. companies.  The S&P 500 will be his investment until he graduates from college.

“I don’t want to end up like those people who win the lottery and then drop it after a few months, so that being said, I will continue to live normally, just as I did before the 21st. No big luxury, no new home, no new car, nothing,” he concluded.

Hence, for one of the longest-tenured holders of Bitcoin, after Satoshi Nakamoto, this is a happy ending. In closing, the Reddit user expressed gratitude to the Bitcoin community and offered a message of hope:

“Thanks to all of the Bitcoin supporters who made this possible. Hold on as if your life depended on it. “

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