Blockchain Investors Can Now Trade 18 New Cryptocurrencies With High Potential via Exchange Platform Coinbase

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The cryptocurrency and blockchain sector has experienced rapid growth in the past few years.

Last year, on-chain Bitcoin (BTC) volume on surpassed $378B, a record high that exceeded the previous all-time high set in 2017 of $350M.

18 new digital assets added in 2021 to the Coinbase blockchain’s list pose a good chance for investors to get in early on these new opportunities before they become popular enough to be worth billions of dollars., a crypto wallet provider, block explorer, and digital asset exchange, writes in an update that public keys are like passwords to your wallet (following “proof of keys” day on Jan. 3).

If you gave someone your email password, they would have access to all your emails, so giving someone your crypto wallet’s private key would give them access to all your crypto.

For this reason, will never ask users for this information, regardless of the circumstances.

Further, the company noted that the past year was highlighted by new all-time highs and the NFT explosion, as well as a very special appreciation for people like you supporting the new crypto era.

The team at stated that they are not able to access your Private Key Wallet. In its statement, explained that your Private Key Wallet “gives you complete control of your crypto,” just like Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous inventor of Bitcoin.

During 2021, worked “nonstop” to add more assets, including support for ERC-20. Millions of new accounts were created, and the site added ERC-20 support in 2021.

Furthermore, when they made swapping cryptos inside their Wallet “easier than ever before,” they noted many widely-used pairs emerged.

According to, you are certainly keeping the network active however you use your Wallet. reported that Bitcoin on-chain volume in 2021 exceeded $378 billion.

According to the firm, “the Exchange had its fair share of new assets listed in 2021, with DESO, EFI, SUSHI, and DOT among them.” “In 2021 you had access to 18 new assets,” it added.

A notable difference between the top performing pairs on the Exchange and the Wallet was noted. also pointed out that the Collins English Dictionary named NFT as its Word Of The Year for 2021. Popular streaming services have also begun to incorporate it into their End-Of-Year content.

Your trading, hodling, receiving, and earning habits can provide a lot of information about you. And these stats can be utilized to further enhance user experience (UX).

The firm concluded:

“With the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies hitting all-time highs this year, it’s no surprise that more individuals are considering allocating a percentage of their wealth to cryptocurrency. While education and due diligence should precede any responsible investment, in a sector as new as crypto, they’re especially key.”

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