Discord CEO Jason Citron Clarifies Tweets On Future Cryptocurrency Integration

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While Discord has no plans for crypto integration, the chat platform will continue to support payments through PayPal and other providers.

According to a tweet from Jason Citron, CEO of Discord, the company does not have any plans to include cryptocurrency in the popular chat platform. Citron sparked a backlash earlier this week by claiming such an integration was coming.

On November 8th, Citron sent a screenshot of MetaMask and Wallet Connect integration within Discord in response to a Twitter user.

Those services offer ways to connect to cryptocurrency wallets or so-called decentralised apps. The tweet was almost immediately met with backlash on Twitter, garnering 4.6k responses and 6.7k quotes at time of writing.

Discord’s premium service, Nitro, costs $10 a month and was instantly canceled by many respondents.

Citroen described the feature as “pre-release.” Fast forward two more days, and it appears something has changed:

Update on Discord: we don’t have any plans to include cryptocurrency in the chat platform.

Citron writes in response to his original tweet, “Thanks for your perspectives all. We do not plan to ship this internal concept anytime soon. For now, we’re focusing on protecting our users from spam, scams, and fraud.

The Web3 project has many good aspects, but it also has many issues we need to work on at our scale.

In the past few years, the term “Web3” has become more and more prevalent to refer to a collection of crypto-backed technologies and the efforts of crypto bros to jam market economies into every gap left on the web.

It’s good to know at least for the time being that, with the power of social media and angry fury, Facebook users and Twitter users can pressure private companies into backing away from crypto and NFTs. Good job, everyone.

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