Cryptocurrency Memes Trend Amid Proposed Ban on Private Crypto Trading by Indian Government

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The proposed private cryptocurrency ban has sent shivers down the spine of many investors. The government argues that there are too many risks associated with cryptocurrencies, but some netizens have expressed their doubts about the government’s intent. They believe that the proposed crypto ban is just a ploy to gain control over the market. Meanwhile, some netizens have taken to social media to share memes about this issue to show how they feel.

While some netizens bemoaned the proposed ban on private cryptocurrencies, others have posted sarcastic memes.

With the government preparing to introduce a new Bill that will ban “all private cryptocurrencies in India” with “certain exceptions”, investors are in a panic. 

In the upcoming winter session in the Parliament, the Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill, 2021, will be introduced.

The Bill aims to “create a regulatory framework for the creation of a digital currency to be issued by the RBI”.

Furthermore, the bill aims to ban all private cryptocurrencies in India. However, there are exceptions to encourage the “underlying technology of cryptocurrency and its uses”.

The CEO and Founder of Coin Switch Kuber, Ashish Singhal, urged people not to lose their cool.“I’m aware of the frenzy caused by recent news around #Crypto. I urge you to remain calm &, like always, DYOR before arriving at a rushed conclusion. Recent conversations w/ the Govt point towards a progressive approach & there is no concrete statement made which claims otherwise,” tweeted Singhal.

The co-founder of Zerodha and True Beacon, Nikhil Kamath, raised a question regarding the fate of currencies already in circulation.

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